IMG_7177Author’s are an integral and exciting part of the program at OLA Super Conference. We are happy to hosting many conference sessions, readings and signing opportunities with our favourite authors.

Author signings will be added mid-January. Keep checking back as new signings will be added right up until the conference!


Crime Writers of Canada

Thursday 2:00 PM – 2:55 PM

  • Victoria Abbott, The Marsh Madness (Berkley Prime Crime)
  • Ryan Aldred, Rum Luck (Five Star Publishing)
  • Rick Blechta, Roses for a Diva (Dundurn)
  • Gail Bowen, What’s Left Behind (M&S/PenguinRHC)
  • Rob Brunet,
  • Steve Burrows,
  • M.H. Callway, Windigo Fire (Seraphim Editions)
  • Melodie Campbell, The Goddaughter Caper (Orca Books)
  • Erika Chase, Law and Author (Berkley Prime Crime)
  • Lisa de Nikolits, The Nearly Girl (Inanna Publications)
  • Vicki Delany, Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen (Berkley Prime Crime)
  • Barbara Fradkin, Fire in the Stars (Dundurn)
  • R.J. Harlick, A Cold White Fear (Dundurn)
  • Hilary MacLeod, Bodies and Sole (The Acorn Press)
  • Rosemary McCracken, Raven Lake (Imajin Books)
  • J.A. Menzies, Shadow of a Butterfly: The Case of The Harmless Old Woman (MurderWillOut Mysteries)
  • Angela Misri, Thrice Burned (Fierce Ink Books)
  • Rick Mofina, Every Second (MIRA)
  • Judy Penz Sheluk, The Hanged Man’s Noose (Barking Rain Press)

CANSCAIP Book Launch

Friday 10:00 AM – 11:25 AM

  • Karen Bass, Uncertain Soldier (Pajama Press)
  • Caroline Fernandez, Boredom Busters (Cico Books)
  • Sharon Jennings, Home Free (Second Story Press), Dot to Dot (Second Story Press)
  • Marthe Jocelyn, What We Hide (Tundra), A Big Dose of Lucky (Orca Book Publishers)
  • Kathy Kacer, Stones on a Grave (Orca), The Magician of Auschwitz (Second Story Press)
  • Elizabeth MacLeod, Collosal Canada (Scolastic Canada), Galloping through History (Annick Press)
  • Sharon McKay, End of the Line (Annick Press), Prison Boy (Annick Press)
  • Sylvia McNicoll, Dying to Go Viral (Fitzhenry & Whiteside), Best Friends Through Eternity (Tundra Books)
  • Jennifer Mook-Sang, Speechless (Scholastic Canada)
  • Liam O’Donnell, Tank and Fizz: The Case of the Slime Stampede (Orca Book Publishers)
  • Lorna Schultz Nicholson, Fragile Bones (Clockwise Press)
  • Emil Sher, Young Man with Camera (Scholastic/Arthur A. Levine Books)
  • Allan Stratton, The Dogs (Scholastic Canada)
  • Janet Wilson, Our Heroes: How kids are making a difference (Second Story Press)
  • Frieda Wishinsky, Collosal Canada (Scholastic Canada), Avalanche (Scholastic Canada), Shipwreck (Scholastic Canada) Avis Dolphin (Groundwood Books)

Booth Events

Who Dundurn-It Mystery Event

Thursday 3:00 PM at Dundurn Press #428/432

  • Jack Batten
  • Steve Burrows
  • Vicki Delany
  • Barbara Fradkin
  • R.J. Harlock
  • Jeffrey Round

Kid Lit Extravaganza

Friday 10:00 AM at Dundurn Press #428/432

  • Jennifer Dance
  • Philippa Dowding
  • Jennifer Maruno
  • Shelley Peterson
  • Suzanne Sutherland

Author Signings


9:00 AM Carrianne Leung, The Wondrous Woo Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
9:30 AM Shane Peacock, The Artist and Me Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
10:00 AM A.M. Dellamonica, A Daughter of No Nation Raincoast Books #417/419
Scott Gardiner, Fire in the Firefly Dundurn Press #428/430
Thao Lam, Skunk on a String Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
Liam O’Donnell, Tank & Fizz: The Case of the Slime Stampede Orca Book Publishers #410/412
Kenneth Oppel, The Nest HarperCollins Canada #730/732
Iain Reid, I’m Thinking of Ending Things Simon & Schuster Canada #605/607
Patricia Storms, The Ghosts Go Spooking Scholastic Canada #211
Amy Stuart, Still Mine Simon & Schuster Canada #605/607
Beverley Terrell-Deutsch, Running Scared Fitzhenry & Whiteside #221
Keith Weaver, An Uncompromising Place Shaftesbury Associates #T23
10:30 AM Mark Cullen, The New Canadian Garden Dundurn Press #428/430
Allison Day, Whole Bowls Cookbook Thomas Allen & Son #318/320
Edward Keenan, The Art of the Possible Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
10:45 AM Marthe Jocelyn, A Big Dose of Lucky Orca Book Publishers #410/412
11:00 AM Alex A, Jon Le Bon series Georgetown Publications Inc #714
Renne Benoit, A Year of Borrowed Men Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
Marina Cohen, The Inn Between Raincoast Books #417/419
E.K. Johnston, A Thousand Nights Canadian Manda Group #217/219
Caroline Pignat, Greener Grass Fitzhenry & Whiteside #221
Barbara Reid, Read Me A Book and Sing a Song of Bedtime Scholastic Canada #211
11:30 AM Karen Bass, The Hill Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
Daniel Rotsztain, All the Libraries Toronto Dundurn Press #428/430
Teresa Toten, Shattered Glass Orca Book Publishers #410/412
12:00 PM Don Cummer, Blood Oath Scholastic Canada #211
Jasmine D’Costa, Real Justice: Branded a Baby Killer James Lorimer & Company #522
Farzana Doctor, All Inclusive Dundurn Press #428/430
Wesley King, OCDaniel Simon & Schuster Canada #605/607
Alan Syliboy, The Thundermaker Nimbus Publishing #218
Kari-Lynn Winters, Bad Pirate Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
12:15 PM Trudee Romanek, Raising the Stakes Orca Book Publishers #410/412
12:30 PM Ted Barris, Fire Canoe Dundurn Press #428/430
Melanie Florence, One Night, Righting Canada’s Wrongs: Residential Schools James Lorimer & Company #522
Joel A. Sutherland, Haunted Canada 5 Scholastic Canada #211
Larry Swartz, This Is a Great Book Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
1:00 PM Kelley Armstrong, City of the Lost Penguin Random House Canada #716–724
Melodie Campbell, The Goddaughter Caper Orca Book Publishers #410/412
Teresa Cascioli, M is for Money: The Storybook Volume 1 Canadian Manda Group #217/219
Lena Coakley, Worlds of Ink and Shadow HarperCollins Canada #730/732
Vicki Delany, Haitian Graves Orca Book Publishers #410/412
Natalie Hyde, Stay Strong Fitzhenry & Whiteside #221
Toko Hosoya, ABC Animals and 123 Sea Creatures Thomas Allen & Son #318/320
Kathy Lowinger, Give Me Wings Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
Jennifer Mook-Sang, Speechless Scholastic Canada #211
David Skuy, The Beautiful Game James Lorimer & Company #522
Ausma Zehanat Khan, Language of Secrets Raincoast Books #417/419
1:15 PM Gail Benick, The Girl Who Was Born That Way Literary Press Group #332
1:30 PM Brian Deines, Elephant Journey Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
Anne Dublin , 44 Hours or Strike! Second Story Press #416/418
Rob Laidlaw, Elephant Journey Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
2:00 PM Ann Choi, Kay’s Lucky Coin Variety Simon & Schuster Canada #605/607
Terry Fallis, No Relation Penguin Random House Canada #716–724
Melanie Florence, Missing Nimama Fitzhenry & Whiteside #221
Mahak Jain, Maya Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
Jess Keating, How to Outfox Your Friends When You Don’t Have A Clue Raincoast Books #417/419
Andreas Oertel, Prisoner of Warren Nimbus Publishing #218
Tanis Rideout, Above All Things Penguin Random House Canada #716–724
David Skuy, Last Shot Scholastic Canada #211
Eric Walters, Innocent Orca Book Publishers #410/412
2:30 PM Deborah McCallum, The Feedback-Friendly Classroom Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
2:45 PM Vicki Grant, Small Bones Orca Book Publishers #410/412
3:00 PM Alex A, Jon Le Bon series Georgetown Publications Inc #714
Karma Brown, The Choices We Make HarperCollins Canada #730/732
Willow Dawson, The Wolf-Birds Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
Eric Fan, The Night Gardener Simon & Schuster Canada #605/607
Terry Fan, The Night Gardener Simon & Schuster Canada #605/607
Mahtab Narsimhan, Mission Mumbai Scholastic Canada #211
3:15 PM Norah McClintock, Tru Detective and My Life Before Me Orca Book Publishers #410/412
3:30 PM David Anderson, Friend or Foe Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
E. Graziani, War in My Town Second Story Press #416/418
Etta Kaner, Friend or Foe Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
4:00 PM Heather O’Connor, Betting Game Orca Book Publishers #410/412
Jess Taylor, Pauls Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
4:30 PM Carol Koechlin, Q–Tasks Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537


8:30 AM Kenneth Sherman, Wait Time: A Memoir of Cancer Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
9:00 AM Sigmund Brouwer, Rock The Boat and Unleashed Orca Book Publishers #410/412
Shakil Choudhury, Deep Diversity: Overcoming Us vs Them Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
Andreas Oertel, Prisoner of Warren Nimbus Publishing #218
Keith Weaver, An Uncompromising Place Shaftesbury Associates #T23
9:30 AM Brent van Staalduinen, Saints, Unexpected Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
Laurie Elizabeth Flynn, Firsts Raincoast Books #417/419
David Goldbloom, How Can I Help? Simon & Schuster Canada #605/607
Catherine Lo, How It Ends Raincoast Books #417/419
Patricia McCowan, Upstaged Orca Book Publishers #410/412
Sharon McKay, Prison Boy Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
Evan Munday, Loyalist to a Fault: The Dead Kid Detective Agency Book 3 Canadian Manda Group #217/219
Stella Partheniou Grasso, Five Busy Beavers Scholastic Canada #211
10:30 AM Jennifer Robson, Moonlight Over Paris HarperCollins Canada #730/732
Dana Wagner, Flight and Freedom: Stories of Escape to Canada Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
11:00 AM Alan Cumyn, Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend Simon & Schuster Canada #605/607
Joyce Grant, Tagged Out James Lorimer & Company #522
Courtney Summers, All the Rage Raincoast Books #417/419
Alan Syliboy, The Thundermaker Nimbus Publishing #218
Kira Vermond, Half-Truths and Brazen Lies Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
11:30 AM Helaine Becker, A Porcupine in a Pine Tree Scholastic Canada #211
Caroline Fernandez, More Boredom Busters Thomas Allen & Son #318/320
Maria Noriega Rachwal, From Kitchen to Carnegie Hall: Ethel Stark and the Montreal Women’s Symphony Orchestra Second Story Press #416/418
Laura Peetoom, Alex Vs. James Lorimer & Company #522
Lex Von Konigslow, The Capacity for Infinite Happiness Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
12:00 PM Sally Christie, The Rivals of Versailles Simon & Schuster Canada #605/607
Kathy Kacer, Stones on a Grave Orca Book Publishers #410/412
Ruth Ohi, Shh! My Brother’s Napping Library Bound Inc #329/331
Emil Sher, Young Man With Camera Scholastic Canada #211
Kathy Stinson, The Man with the Violin Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
12:30 PM Amanda Sun, Heir to the Sky HarperCollins Canada #730/732
Gisela Sherman, The Farmerettes Second Story Press #416/418
Brenda Stein Dzaldov, Ready, Set, Learn Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
12:45 PM Andrea Torrey Balsara, Philip Roy Mouse Tale series Literary Press Group #332
1:00 PM Peggy Collins, Hungry for Math Fitzhenry & Whiteside #221
Wallace Edwards, Once Upon a Line Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
Sylvia Taekema, Ripple Effect Orca Book Publishers #410/412
Frieda Wishinsky, Survival: Shipwreck! Scholastic Canada #211
1:30 PM David Booth, Exploding the Reading Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
David Carroll, Sight Unseen Scholastic Canada #211
2:00 PM Leah Bobet, An Inheritance of Ashes Scholastic Canada #211
Elizabeth McLeod, Galloping Through History Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537
Jeff Ross, At Ease and Set You Free Orca Book Publishers #410/412
Lorna Schultz Nicholson, Born With Fitzhenry & Whiteside #221
K.A. Tucker, He Will Be My Ruin Simon & Schuster Canada #605/607
2:15 PM Ella Burakowski, Hidden Gold Second Story Press #416/418
2:30 PM Andrea Thompson, Over Our Heads Ontario Book Publishers Organization #535/537