When: Thursday, Feb 02 | 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Location: ICTC Caledon

Days: Thursday. Event Types: Session. Sectors: Technology. Subjects: Community-Led, Journey Mapping, Library Website Design, Usability Testing, User Experience, and UX.


No matter the size or location of our libraries, we all want the same thing: as many patrons as possible actively engaged with their public library. One way to achieve this is by inviting patrons to help build a better library. User experience (UX) is the conscious design of every aspect of library service to enhance the experience of your patrons. This process is driven by gathering feedback through carefully designed tests. While UX is a complex framework that encompasses architecture, digital design, and psychology (among many other fields), there are a handful of basic and immediate principals you can put to work today. This presentation outlines one public library’s ongoing experiment with UX tools (journey mapping and usability tests) to redesign our website, increase patron-driven acquisitions, and improve library services. We will also draw connections between the community-led model for public libraries and the growing popularity of UX testing.

– Guidelines and examples for applying UX testing in public libraries
– A curated bibliography of UX books, magazines, and websites to help support their own experiments
– Insights into employing UX tools through an engaging study of one library’s successes and challenges