When: Friday, Feb 02 | 10:45 am - 12:00 pm

Location: MTCC - 201D

Days: Friday. Event Types: Session. Sectors: Governance. Subjects: Community and Outreach & Advocacy.


CFLA-FCAB is the national voice of Canada’s library communities. Through a collaborative approach, the Federation advocates for libraries while influencing national public policy. Learn about CFLA’s strategies for addressing various advocacy issues and participate in the national discussion by lending your voice to policy positions that are being developed.



Learn about CFLA-FCAB’s activities and development since its incorporation in May 2016. Advocacy strategies and methods. Enhanced awareness of public policy impacting libraries. Discover ways to lend your voice to CFLA-FCAB. Hear and discuss updates on national committee work on Indigenous Matters, Copyright and the Marrakesh Treaty, Accessibility and Intellectual Freedom.