When: Wednesday, Feb 01 | 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location: MTCC 203D

Days: Wednesday. Event Types: Featured Speaker. Sectors: Careers. Subjects: Careers, Leadership, and Mentorship.


Every successful library leader understands that the ability to communicate effectively is a critical tool in their leadership toolbox. Conversations that begin from a place of inquiry empower your team to achieve success with strategies and solutions that they create individually or collectively.

These “coaching conversations” are only possible when leaders surrender ownership of the conversation, hold back on advice, and ask questions that empower their staff to reflect and determine next steps.

This practical, interactive and hands-on workshop will provide participants with an overview of the value and power of taking a “coach approach”. It will explain the rhythm of a coaching conversation, elements of engagement and how to create a suite of powerful questions that will achieve results. Participants will have an opportunity to test these skills through real coaching conversations with their peers, elevating this learning experience and ensuring that these concepts can be applied immediately.

– Identify the key elements of a “coaching conversation”
– Reflect upon how one engages during a conversation.
– Appreciate how powerful questions can effect positive change.