When: Thursday, Feb 02 | 3:45 pm - 5:00 pm

Location: MTCC 206B

Days: Thursday. Event Types: Session. Sectors: School Libraries. Subjects: Collaboration, Maker, Technology, and YA Programming.


The 21st century library continues to evolve into alternative designs of instruction and ideas for creation. Library maker spaces are gaining huge popularity as they provide collaborative learning opportunities that foster inquiry and investigative work. St. Mary’s jumped on board with a TLLP (Teacher Learning and Leadership Program) grant. The grant was used to create greater adoption of a collaborative learning library environment, where students are empowered to explore and work together using multiple processes for knowledge discovery and creation.

This workshop will provide: guidance on setting up a practical and inexpensive workspace; flexible project ideas for staff and all types of learners; reflection on the board change in the focus of pedagogy; methods of assessment; and an anecdotal list of titles for further collection development on transforming libraries using maker spaces.

– help and guidance on establishing an inexpensive library workspace(s)
– discover fantastic collaborative based project ideas for all types of learners (Life Skills to Mainstream) to enjoy and benefit. (Participants may have hands-on opportunities to engage in a STEAM challenge)
– Reflect on the board change in the focus of pedagogy as a result of collaborative inquiry projects
– Secure a list of ways to assess the value of a maker space
– An anecdotal list of titles for further collection development on the topic.


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