When: Wednesday, Feb 01 | 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm

Location: MTCC 206E

Days: Wednesday. Event Types: Session. Sectors: Special Libraries. Subjects: Cataloguing, Digital Collections, and Metadata.


As libraries, archives, and businesses grow, many are finding themselves with media assets, grey literatures, and digital materials in their collections. These materials cannot be described using traditional methods, so what’s a librarian to do? In this session, we’ll look at the intellectual placement of non-traditional materials within a library, various available metadata standards and how to assess the physical and technical assets of the material in order to aid in proper cataloguing. We’ll also cover how to write your own metadata schema by melding vocabularies when one just doesn’t fit the bill, and how to integrate new schemas with existing protocols.

– Gain knowledge of various metadata standards and vocabularies
– Learn how to begin writing a schema that fits your materials