When: Friday, Feb 03 | 9:00 am - 10:15 am

Location: ICTC Humber

Days: Friday. Event Types: Session. Sectors: Public Libraries. Subjects: Community and Fundraising.


Doing more with less has become a well-worn and tired phrase among libraries. Learn how little asks can help you get what you need. In this session we’ll discuss developing an Adopt a Magazine campaign, creating calendars and adult colouring books to sell, offering signature programming and more. The ideas presented can be adopted by public libraries big and small and shared among staff at all levels. With Tin Can Fundraising, you’ll find a small amount of money adds up to some real change.

– Learn to develop fundraising campaigns, strategies for small fund raisers and about products that libraries can create and sell to generate funds
– Learn how to develop community support for library projects and new programming


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