When: Wednesday, Feb 01 | 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Location: MTCC 206B

Days: Wednesday. Event Types: Session. Sectors: Public Libraries. Subjects: Future-Proofing, Organizational Change, and Outcomes.


What do you do when your library is “good enough”, but you want it to be better? Change everything! Stratford Public Library has embraced the concept that “it’s all an experiment,” and has been systematically working to create meaningful organizational change that will position it to thrive in today’s world. Over the past three years, Stratford Public Library has transformed their physical space, staff, services and their perception within the community — all on a shoestring budget. In this presentation senior staff will share their approach along with successes, failures and future challenges.

– Explore how to make library renovations with virtually no money
– Learn ideas for staff reorganization and professional development
– Discover service changes that resonate with the public


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