Why are you interested in the topic you are presenting?
Students love coding. Coding is a great way to engage students with challenging and authentic learning experiences. It is also becoming more and more integrated into a wide range of professions and employment fields. The creation of a school wide coding continuum provides a perfect platform to collaborate with teachers to meet curricular needs and to infuse Global Competencies and Inquiry Based Learning in teaching and learning. It’s also lots of fun.

What does “fearless” mean to you?
Creating a school wide coding continuum with limited knowledge of coding can be considered a scary thing to do … but one might also call it fearless.

What have you read/seen/listened to lately that you would recommend to your audience (something that would help them to learn more about your topic)?
EduGains has a simple yet excellent introduction to coding at schools. It outlines the reasons coding is important for students, addresses where teachers can begin, and provides some sample lesson plans for a variety of grade levels. A great site to start with … https://www.edugains.ca/resourcesTELO/CE/CodingInterface/interface.html