Why are you interested in the topic you are presenting?
Resilience & precarity are worthwhile and important conversations to have, not just for the sake of understanding and improving library operations and services, but for the health and wellness of the people who provide those services. My interest in altmetrics likely stems from my fascination with social media and what people are saying about you (me).

What does “fearless” mean to you?
I’m going to guess a full 5% of people answer this question with a dictionary definition. Fearless means (briefly) taking chances and doing the things that might otherwise scare you. Ironic, I know.

What have you read/seen/listened to lately that you would recommend to your audience (something that would help them to learn more about your topic)?
I recommend this gif of Andre Bruagher holding puppies. It won’t help you understand our sessions, but it will bring you joy.