Lindy West is a Seattle-based writer, editor, and performer whose work focuses on pop culture, social justice, humor, and body image. She’s currently a culture writer for GQ magazine and a weekly columnist at The Guardian, as well as the founder and editor of I Believe You | It’s Not your Fault, an advice blog for teens. In 2015 she wrote and recorded a story for “This American Life” about confronting an Internet troll who impersonated her dead father and was half of the duo who initiated #shoutyourabortion, which landed her on the cover of The New York Times. She was named “Internet’s Most Fascinating 2015” by
In SHRILL, Lindy explores how to survive in a cold, judgmental world and shares how to weather hatred, loneliness, harassment, and loss and still walk away laughing. Ferociously witty and candid, Lindy is a rare and bewitching talent whose body of work has garnered a coast-to-coast audience of prominent writers, press, booksellers, and men and women alike who are not afraid to hold an honest (and mostly unflattering) mirror up to our own culture. She has a special way of discussing tough subjects that both makes you laugh and cuts right to your core.

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