Mohamed Fahmy spent 438 days in an Egyptian prison—unjustly jailed for conspiring with the Muslim Brotherhood, and for fabricating news for Al Jazeera during his tenure as bureau chief for the Qatari network in Egypt. He was released in 2015 following international outcry. While in prison, he conducted interviews behind bars with members of ISIS, Al Qaeda, and others, gaining rare insights into modern terrorism.

He completed a riveting book titled The Marriott Cell based on his Kafkaesque trial, which is set for release on November 15th. The book contains exclusive interviews he conducted behind bars with political prisoners and extremists that provides the reader with rare insights on the terrorism dominating our headlines. It is currently being be developed into a feature film by The Development Partnership in the United Kingdom. He will be speaking about Middle East politics, ISIS, free speech, and the ongoing struggle for universal human rights.

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