Clever Minds and Human Hearts | Esprits brillants et cœurs bienveillants

Dr Jane Goodall said that “only when our clever brain and our human heart work together in harmony can we achieve our true potential”. It is this harmony – bringing together our intellect and reason with our passion – that makes us powerful and poised to face intractable challenges, connect to our shared values, and create our collective future.

As you attend this conference, we are all in the midst of an unprecedented set of circumstances, managing the impact of a global pandemic. Throughout these challenging times, our members have been tapping into their amazing strength, ingenuity and courage to find solutions and adapt, to ensure that we continue to serve our communities, and provide continuity and support in a time of fear and instability. This is a powerful example of clever minds and human hearts applied with courage in order to adapt and grow. As we look ahead to Super Conference 2021, we can carry forward this strength to renew our profession, cultivate new opportunities, sustain our communities, find harmony within ourselves and achieve every potential.