In Person – Full Conference included:

  • All keynote, spotlight and workshop sessions (over 140 sessions)
  • Unlimited entrance privileges to EXPO 2023, Canada’s largest library trade show
  • The official Super Conference program
  • Full access to the Digital Experience conference program (on demand for six month)
  • Access to the ever-expanding program and services in the Career Centre
  • Social events including the Opening and Closing parties, the Division award receptions, and tours.

Digital Experience ticket includes:

  • All streamed keynote, spotlight and online workshop sessions
  • Full access to the OLBA Library Trustee Boot Camp (Saturday)
  • On demand access to all recorded content for six months
  • Access to the EXPO 2023 program and directory
  • Access to live chat conversations focused on current library issues
  • Online social events and virtual tours

Digital Experience Schedule