OLA Super Conference 2020 Online Registration

Information & Fees

Membership must be current at the time of registration to register at member rates. To renew membership, or become a new member please create or visit your account.

Conference fees are subject to 13% HST (First Nations excluded). The Association reserves the right not to process a registration until payment is received by cheque or credit card (American Express is not accepted). Post-dated cheques are not accepted. NSF bank charges are billed to the delegate or institution.


The PREMIUM EARLY BIRD deadline is midnight on November 15, 2019. After this date, an additional fee of $20 will apply. The EARLY BIRD deadline is midnight on January 2, 2020, after which time an additional $65 fee will apply.


ONLINE REGISTRATION CLOSES at midnight, Friday, January 24, 2020. After this date, new registrations are completed onsite and subject to a further $65 administrative surcharge; $30 for single-day registration.


REGISTRATION CHANGES: Using the link in the confirmation email, delegates can view their online registration but cannot make any changes. To make changes up until Friday, January 10, 2020, email superconference@accessola.com. Changes that result in refunds are subject to the Refund Policy.


CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS: Since OLA must make financial commitments by January 10, no refunds are possible after this date.

Cancellation and/or refund requests prior to January 12 must be emailed to superconference@accessola.com

Cancelled registrations will be reimbursed at 80% until 30 days prior to the event; 50% until January 10 and will not be reimbursed at all after that date.

Changes in the program are not acceptable grounds for requesting a refund.


CONFIRMATIONS AND BADGE MAILING: Confirmation is provided by email at the time of registering online. If registration is received by  January 2, 2020, your badge and receipt will be mailed to the address provided in your registration. This avoids long line-ups at the conference!



Member Fees (Including Affiliates)

Full conference                       $420 / $475*

Any Two Days                         $340 / $380*

Single day                                $275 / $340*

OLBA Bootcamp Only            $220 / $290*

Public Library Tour                   $35

School Libraries Tour               $35


OLBA Member Fees

Full conference                       $220 / $290*

Any Two Days                         $200 / $255*

Single day                                $170 / $225*

Saturday Only                         $220 / $290*

Public Library Tour                   $35

School Libraries Tour               $35


Retired, No-Income member and Student Member Fees

Full conference                      $150 / $215*

Any two days                           $120 / $185*

Single day                                $110 / $175*

Public Library Tour                   $35

OLBA BootCamp Only             $220/$290

School Libraries Tour               $35


First Nation Registration

Full conference                          FREE

Public Library Tour                   $35

School Libraries Tour               $35

HST exempt. Includes a one-year membership in OLA.



Non-Member Fees

Full conference                       $645 / $695*

Any two days                           $540 / $590*

Single day                                $420 / $475*

OLBA Bootcamp Only           $220 / $290*

Public Library Tour                   $35

School Libraries Tour               $35

*After Early Bird deadline, Regular Rates will apply.


Super EXPO 2020 exhibit-only tickets

Member                                               FREE

Onsite member registration            FREE

Non-member                                       $45

Onsite non-member registration    $50

Pre-registered EXPO participants will pick up their badges onsite at the EXPO-only Desk.


Super Conference Speakers

One day (Presentation day)            FREE

Presentation day + additional day  (2 days total)  $160

Full conference                                     $265

Use SPEAKER registration link – Under “OTHER REGISTRATION TYPES” on Registration Site.


Ticketed Events Registration

Public Library Awards Reception, Thursday, January 31 5:30 – 7:30 PM.

  • Tickets are $40 each.


Bus Tours

Public Library Tour, Limit 52, $35

School Library Tour, Limit 52, $35


NOTE: Bus Tour registration is available only to delegates who are registered for the conference (full or partial).


Conference Locations:

ICTC    Intercontinental Toronto Central; 225 Front Street West, Toronto

MTCC Metro Toronto Convention Centre; 255 Front Street West, Toronto