When: Friday, Feb 01 | 9:00 am - 9:40 am

Location: MTCC 206C

Days: Friday. Event Types: Session. Sectors: Health Libraries. Subjects: Collections, Health, and LGBTQ.


St. Michael’s Hospital is a leading academic and research facility fully affiliated with the University of Toronto whose Health Sciences Library serves research, education and clinical staff, and students at the hospital. Despite its reputation and proximity for serving marginalized populations, St. Michael’s Hospital has recognized it must do more to adequately serve the health needs of transgender (trans) patients. Patients who are trans experience higher rates of discrimination resulting in avoidance of the health care system, stigma, and a lack of compassionate care. As a result, St. Michael’s Hospital Health Sciences Library compiled Trans Health Resources containing tailored literature, guidelines, links to community organizations and training for hospital staff to improve their knowledge and awareness of trans folks’ health considerations, and to better meet the health needs and outcomes of trans patients. This new resource was embedded as a page in the Library’s existing Resource Guides as a way to introduce and position trans health information broadly where clinicians and health practitioners seek library information. This session will present the process and outcomes of creating and embedding trans health resources within existing library guides including the collaboration with internal stakeholders and community partners, technological means of mapping content across all library guides, and identified areas for development and continuation.