When: Friday, Feb 01 | 2:00 pm - 2:40 pm

Location: MTCC 206F

Days: Friday. Event Types: Session. Sectors: School Libraries. Subjects: Ethics, Instruction, and User Experience.


With tongue-in-cheek, the English Journal published an article on plagiarism as the “Unfun Game,” emphasizing the darker side of literary misdeeds and the punitive nature of academic misconduct. Skip ahead thirty years and let me introduce you to the Game of P.I.E.! Putting the “play” back in plagiarism, this new and original board game motivates students to untangle the knot of this mysterious and challenging subject in a fun, inclusive environment. Discover creative ways of breaking the game apart and using the different elements within a classroom setting. Role-play your way to real and honest conversations in a constructive atmosphere!