When: Wednesday, Jan 30 | 2:30 pm - 3:45 pm

Location: ICTC Wellington

Days: Wednesday. Event Types: Session. Subjects: Advocacy/Outreach, Community Led, and Inclusion.


We all have something to say but not always the opportunity, experience or technical expertise to share our ideas out to the OLA community.

Fear not: The Open Shelf hack-a-thon is here. Open Shelf is the official publication of the Ontario Library Association (OLA) and this is your chance to brainstorm, create, polish and produce the March 2019 issue of the magazine.

Join the editorial team, including Martha Attridge Bufton (Open Shelf editor-in-chief), Graeme Campbell (InsideOCULA editor-in-chief) and feature columnists such as John Pateman in a fast-paced interactive session which will take you through the key components of the publishing cycle. You will join OLA colleagues in brainstorming the “hot topics” for 2019, generating initial content (want to be podcaster?), and proofreading using our in-house style guides. While the issue won’t be completed in the two-hour session, the assembled team will have the opportunity to continue working on the issue during February 2019 and see the final version published in early March 2019.

Open Shelf is first and foremost a collaborative project designed to ensure that OLA members have the opportunity to be “powered up” and vocal as a community about the issues that are important to them. So join us, unleash your inner writer and/or editor, and learn a little more about publishing online.

Learning outcomes
Participants will better understand:
– The mandate and role of OLA publications (including Open Shelf and InsideOCULA) in building the library community in Ontario
– The process of regularly assembling and publishing Open Shelf and InsideOCULA.
– The key tools and online platforms used in OLA online publishing (including author guidelines)

Three keywords
– Collaboration/community building
– Online publishing
– Editing

Room layout requirements
– Round or square tables with chairs so that participants can collaborate on ideas and content
– A computer, screen and projector
– Access to the web (to link to Open Shelf) for presenters and participants


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