On Stage at the IdeaHUB

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10:30 AM – 10:55 AM

3D Scanning from Patrons to Projects

Ken Wan, Sales Director/CEO, Shop3D.ca; Raphael Ribkoff, Shop3D.ca

In this presentation, Raphael will show you how you can easily scan a person within minutes and prep it to be sent off to a 3D printer near you. See the textures and features of the subject form right before your eyes with 3D Scanning on the Einstar. Enjoy a fast paced live demo of the steps required to accomplish this task as well as answer any questions on the process as well as hardware. The easy-to-use EinStar 3D scanner adds itself seamlessly in his workflow, creating new possibilities that were previously unattainable.

11:00 AM – 11:25 AM

Taking Libraries and Literacy to Where the People Were in the Early 20th Century Work Camps of Canada

James Morrison, Author, The Right to Read, Nimbus Publishing

Alfred Fitzpatrick (1862-1936) of Pictou County, Nova Scotia spent his life crusading for humane working conditions in railway, lumber and mining camps across Canada. He held the Canadian government to account for its lack of support for adult and immigrant education. His message, that literacy was a basic human right, is more relevant today than ever. Author James Morrison relates the story of a remarkable man who challenged all Canadians to bring literacy and education to those who do not have access to it – whoever and wherever they may be.

Book title: The Right to Read: Social Justice, Literacy and the Creation of Frontier College – The Alfred Fitzpatrick Story by James H. Morrison.

12:00 PM – 12:25 PM

What’s New @ IEEE

Brian Ryckman, IEEE Client Services Manager, IEEE

Join IEEE Client Services Manager, Brian Ryckman, for an IEEE Xplore update to learn more about new features and functionality, content, and partnerships along with an overview of IEEE’s evolving Open Access program.

12:30 PM – 12:55 PM

Lion Tamer

Seth Falk, Hands-On Exotics

Get silly with us and come face to face with a real live LION (imposter)!! Learn about wild cats and how to train animals using positive, force free training.

1:00 PM – 1:25 PM

What Libraries Can Do for Aspiring Writers 

Patricia Westerhof, Dundurn Press

Writers love libraries and librarians, often waxing nostalgic about their hometown or elementary school library and naming the librarians who first nurtured their love for reading, recommending the authors and books that inspired their future careers. In this talk, Patricia Westerhof, author of The Canadian Guide to Creative Writing and Publishing, will outline what else contemporary libraries can do to support writers today. She will suggest ways that libraries can connect living authors to readers and to other writers, as well as how librarians can help budding authors learn about the business side of books, something that most librarians know far more about than the average novice writer.

1:30 PM – 1:55 PM

How Can the Library Help Students Stand Out in the Current Job Market?

Mariam Hasan, Product Sales Manager, Proquest, part of Clarivate

We know Canadian libraries are committed to helping students and patrons build the career skills that will be in demand when they enter the workplace. Your users rely on you to provide high-quality, online business and technology resources that can help them prepare for first jobs or pivot to new professions.

Come to the IdeaHub session to learn more about O’Reilly for Public Libraries and O’Reilly for Higher Education, available to Academic and Public Libraries in Canada exclusively through ProQuest, part of Clarivate.

You’ll hear:

  • An introduction to and live demo of the O’Reilly learning ecosystem
  • An understanding of how O’Reilly provides a wide variety of materials for all learning styles
  • An intro to specific, in-demand materials such as IT certification test prep materials (for Python, Linux, Amazon Web Services and more) and 30,000 hours of video

2:00 PM – 2:25 PM

Important Scientific Research Available via Streaming Video – Underline Science

Andon Baltakov, Chief Revenue Officer, Underline Science, Inc.

New ideas and breakthroughs in science are often discussed and presented at scholarly conferences. However, budgetary restrictions and overlapping sessions make it difficult for researchers to capture all they want from these important presentations.

Underline has preserved these valuable keynotes, poster sessions, technical papers and other lectures in streaming video format, making them available on-demand to researchers at any time. With the new Underline Science platform, it is now possible for researchers to search through over 25,000 lectures from more than 200 of the top conferences in fields such as Physics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Health Sciences, and more. We have also enriched the content to include downloadable transcripts, DOIs (to cite and share videos), along with opportunities to reach out to presenters after the conference.

Stop by to see the Underline Science in action, and learn how it can be a valuable tool for your researchers.