Are you having trouble convincing your boss to let you go to Super Conference? Have no fear, we’re here to help!

Attending Super Conference is often a costly expenditure, we understand that. It’s also an investment that benefits you as a professional, and in turn, your organization’s ability to innovate.

In order to effectively make the case for both time away from the office and support for your conference expenses, you’ll need to demonstrate how your attendance at Super Conference will benefit your organization and your colleagues.

We have tips and tricks—a sample memo—to help you make your case. Visit our Make Your Case webpage to learn more.

Download the Super Conference Promotional Brochure to Share with Colleagues and Decision makers!

If cost is an issue, check out how to save on conference fees, including applying to our bursaries and scholarships.

Super Conference 2020 Pilot: Are you a staff member in a public library serving a population under 7,000? Send an email to to receive a code for 50% off your registration fees! 

Premium Early Bird closes November 15 and after this date, rates go up! Don’t delay and register today!