2015 Planning Team

Planning Committee

OLA President:
Anita Brooks Kirkland

Richard Reid, Durham District School Board
Andrew McAlorum, University of Waterloo

OLA Planner:
Peggy Lunn, Queens University

OCULA Planners:
Jaclyn Chambers-Page, Niagara College
Jeannie An, McMaster University

OPLA Planners:
Jessica Chapman, Vaughan Public Library
Justine Gerroir, Oakville Public Library

OSLA Planners:
Sarah Oesch, Halton District School Board
Joel Krentz, Toronto District School Board

OLBA Planners:
Beth Phieffer, Belleville Public Library Board
Helen Kaluzny

OLITA Planners:
Jacqueline Whyte Appleby, Scholar’s Portal
Stephanie Orfano, University of Toronto

Dominique Roy-Brisson

Careers/Mentoring Committee:
Nathalie Soini, Queens University

Special Library Committee:
Zachary Osborne, OCLS

Aboriginal Stream Planner:
Feather Maracle Luke, Timmins Public Library
Melanie Ribau, Toronto Public Library

OHLA Planners:
Mary McDiramid, Baycrest Centre
Elyse Pike, Grey Bruce Health Services

OALT/ABO Planner:
Alana Otis, Seneca College

Volunteers Coordinators:
Emily Burns, Oakville Public Library
Vivien Keiling, Vaughan

Posters Coordinator:
Doris Rankin, Library Consultant

Conference Staff

Conference Manager:
Michelle Arbuckle, Manager of Education Programs, OLA

Manager of Conference Exhibits/Sponsors:
Jefferson Gilbert, Gap Point Reach, Inc.