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Wednesday Jan 28

100b-1.doc | 100b-2.ppt – Library TV: (how to) Host a Community Media Centre
100C-1.pdf | 100C-2.pdf – Challenging, Refusing, & Venting – Oh My! How to Handle Conflict in the Workplace
101.ppt – Inquiry in Action in Your School Library
102.pptx – Crossing the Threshold: From Old to New IL Standards
103.pdfOLAC-best-practices-guides – Cataloguing Audio-Visual Materials with RDA
104 – Create a Virtual Learning Commons using Google Sites
105.pdf – How To Make It:Differing Approaches to Makerspaces
203.ppt – Electronic Resources in RDA
204.pdf – Putting Numbers into Action: Aboriginal Data on the Statistics Canada Website
401A  | 401A.pptx – Risk-Taking in Academic Libraries: Implications of Prospect Theory
401D.pptx – Health Literacy eLearning: Creation and evaluation of an engaging online experience
401G.pdf – Every Angle Counts: Building a new service space
401K.ppt – Best Collection Ever: Evidence Based Collection Development
401L.pdf – It takes a village to raise a library: Building a community centred rural library
401M.pptx – Digital Literacy for Babes and Boomers: What can a public library do?
401p.pptx – Think It, Do It, Prove It, Share It: Action research in your library
402A – Why New Librarians Should Work in Perpetual Draft Mode to Get Ahead
402c.ppt – Pump up your Promotions: New Ideas for Academic Library Marketing
402h.pptx – Ignite community dialogue and debate!
402J.pdf – Like A (Raid) Boss: Management Lessons from World of Warcraft
403A.pdf – Connecting with first-year students: online and in person
403J.pptx – Civic Engagement: Building Strong Communities
402N – New OSAPAC Digital Citizenship Resource
505.ppt – CEOs, ULs and EDs: Creating Your Leadership Future
506.pdf – Managing Digital Projects: Staff, Vendors, Stakeholders, and Library Members
510.pptx – Serving Newcomers: What do they need? How do we serve?
511 – Where Marvel Meets Middle Earth: Fanfiction in the library
515-1.ppt | 515-2.ppt – Permission to Build Granted – Yeah! Yikes!
517.pdf – Rethinking Reference: Student needs and staff training

Thursday Jan 29

801E-Handout.docx | 801E.pptx – Transforming Instruction with the Flipped Classroom: The Flipped Presentation!
801J.pdf – So NOT Boring: Social Media Policy for Libraries
801K.pdf – The Role of Grey Literature in Academic Library Collections: Discovering, Capturing, Preservation and Access
801N.xlsx – Using Picture Books in Content Areas
801P.pdf – The Accidental Business Librarian
802A.pdf | 802A.vcf – À la découverte des bibliothèques de France
802B – Taking your Board to the Cloud
802c.ppt – The Perfect Space: Classroom Environments and Learning Outcomes
802J.pdf – Good question! Let’s find out!: Inquiry partnerships
803B – Resuscitate your instruction! Strategies to inject life into your teaching
803D.pdf – Intellectual Property, Makerspaces, and 3D printers
803F – Leading Learning to Transform School Libraries
803H – Working with data using Open Refine and Other Tools
900 – OCULA Spotlight: Creating a “Let’s Do It!” Organizational Culture
902 ENG | FR – Library As Place – Trend and Opportunities: A Roundtable With Library Leaders
907.pdf – Crowdsourcing Local Community History
908.pdf – Copyright Update – Children’s storytime workshop: tips and tricks
912.pdf – Middle grade readers 101 with the Dewey Divas and Dudes
913.pdf – Volunteers as V.I.P.s ( Value Influence and Positioning)
914 (English) (French) – Genius Hour Project
919 – Engaging Customers with Creative Collisions
920-1.doc | 920-2.docx | 920-3.jpg – #WeNeedDiverseBooks : Discussing diversity in Children’s and Young Adult Literature
1101.pdf – OHLA Spotlight: Creative Thinking: A 21st Century Success Skill
1104 – Creative Analytics
1105.pdf – Acquiring eBooks: the good, the bad, and getting started!
1108.ppt – What is #LODLAM?! : Understanding Linked Data in Libraries, Archives [and Museums]
1112.ppt – If you can’t/don’t measure it how do you prove its value?
1114.ppt – Teen Programs To Go
1118-1.pdf1118-2.pdf – T4L Showcase

Friday Jan 30

1501a.pdf – Défis reliés à la prestation des services de bibliothèque en sciences
1501B – (page 1) ( page 2) – Branching out – multi-branch libraries and their friends
1501C-1.docx | 1501C-2.ppt – Create dynamic exhibits and events with Experience Design – Using digital tools to promote inquiry, student agency and collaboration in their learning
1501N.pptx – Implementing Virtual Desktops
1502A – (page 1) (page 2) – Friends – adding value to your library
1502B.ppt – Reference on Reddit: Can we help?
1502D.pdf – Tips and Tricks for Redesigning Your Library Website
1502F.pdf – French up : discovering French-Canadian books
1502H.pptx – Breaking Down Barriers: From Assumptions to Understanding
1502j-1.pdf | 1502j-2.pdf | 1502j-3.pptx – You Can Do That Here: Building a Maker Culture @ Your Library
1503a-1.pdf | 1503a-2.pdf | 1503a-3.pdf – Succession Planning in Canadian Academic Libraries
1503B – (page 1) (page 2) (page 3) (page 4) – Rural Roundtable: research and economic development discussion panel
1503f-1.doc | 1503f-2.ppt – Equality, Happiness and Well Being: evaluating public library impact and outcomes
1602-1.pdf | 1602-2.pdf  – Pertinent Promotion: Marketing at the right time and place
1603.ppt – Outcome evaluation Basics – An Introduction
1608.pptx – Caped Canucks: The Rise of the National Superhero
1612.pdf – Push the puck ahead, in community economic development
1620.pdf – The Continuous Voice of the Customer – Managing User Feedback
1621.ppt – The Art of the Ask: Sponsorships and Grants
1701B.ppt – Course readings evolution: our library effecting change through e-reserves
1701E-1.docx | 1701E-2.docx | 1701E-3.pptx – La face cachée du clavardage : apprendre tout en s’amusant, l’expérience de la Bibliothèque de l’Université d’Ottawa
1701F.ppt – Succession…the easy way
1701J-1.docx | 1701J-2.pdf – Shelving Mental Illness
1701K.pdf – 2 TLs and a Network Make yourself Indispensable!
1701M.pdf – Making every second count: Tools to refocus your time and energy on new programs and initiatives
1701N.ppt – Open Source ILS story: High tech solutions on a limited budget
1701R – STEM education: what’s the school library got to do with it?
1702A.pdf – Style is everything: marketing strategies for your library
1702C.pptx – Ask the HR Expert
1702D.pptx – How To Copyright In A Public Library
1702E.ppt – Merchandising, The Vaughan Method
1702F.ppt – The Benefits of Automatic Rlease Plans
1703H.pdf – That’s a Wrap! Completing your fundraising
1702J.doc – Programming First Nation Style
1703A.pdf – Learning, thinking, doing and loving accessibility: Working the AODA
1703D.oxps – Crediting your storytime sources in the digital age
1703E – A Taste of Treasure Mountain
1703G – White hat search engine optimization (SEO): structured web data
1800.pdf – Chief of Confusion

Saturday Jan 31

2100.pdf – The Duties and Liabilities of Directors and Officers of Public Library Boards