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Super EXPO 2016

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Thank you for your interest in the OLA Super Conference 2016 and the EXPO. It is Canada’s largest annual library and information event. The OLA Super Conference attracted over 4,600 in 2015 and we anticipate similar attendance in 2016.

OLA Super Conference has grown steadily since 1999 and is recognized as a leading event for professional development and networking on the continent. Many vendors come to OLA when they have policies not to attend state/provincial level conferences because of the sheer size and market size that is presented to them.

Please look at the Prospectus below for all the information on the event or download the flaskEXPO Application alone to book your space. Remember that OLA Associate Members receive a discount on space and preference for allocation.

EXPO HOURS in 2016
Thursday, January 29: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday, January 30: from 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

All forms are available as PDFs. You can fill out the form, save, and submit without ever having to print out the form.

Thanks again for your interest and we look forward to seeing you in Toronto this January.

2016 OLA Super Conference EXPO Prospectus (complete prospectus for easy printing – not an online form) Exhibitor Prospectus
Expo Space Application 2016 Contract and Application (PDF can be submitted as an online form) 2016 exhibitor application form
2016 Floor plan 2016 floor plan
2016 Conference Program Advertising (PDF can be submitted as an online form) Conference Program advertising form
2016 Session Proposal (PDF can be submitted as an online form) Session proposal form
2016 EXPO Stage Application (PDF can be submitted as an online form) EXPO stage application form
2016 Conference Bag (PDF can be submitted as an online form) conference bag form
EXPO associate membership application Use our online form!

For More Information please contact:
gap. point. reach. inc. [non-profit leadership]
Phone:  416.699.1938
Fax:  1.866.211.2999
Email:  info@gappointreach.com

GPR has been appointed OLA’s official representative for advertising, sponsorship, and exhibit sales.