What platform is OLA using for 2021 Super Conference?

  • We will be using the Cadmium virtual conference platform. 
  • As a presenter, you will receive an email the week of October 26 that will prompt you to complete your profile and finalize the details of your session (ie. title, description) in the Speaker Portal (charmingly named the “Conference Harvester”).

Will there be a speaker orientation session this year? 

  • There will be a live orientation session at 12pm ET on Tuesday December 15. It will be made available for viewing afterwards should you not be able to attend live. 
  • Watch the recorded session here. 

How long is my session? 

  • All sessions will be 45 minutes in length, as sessions longer than that usually result in fatigue on the part of presenters and audience. We are grateful for your flexibility. 

How do we record our presentation in advance?

  • The Conference Harvester will allow you to upload slides, and then record audio for each slide right within the platform. 
  • To complete your presentation this way, once you are logged in, simply select Upload Presentation Slides, and then complete the Presentation Audio. 
  • All sessions recorded in this format will be electronically captioned. 
  • If you have multiple presenters all presenting from different geographical locations,you will be able to record your audio separately as long as you are all uploading your own slides. 
  • Video will not be captured for your presentation. 

What if I have a panel that requires video? 

  • There is an option to upload your presentation as a video in .mp4 format, or provide a link to your session video on another platform (ie. Vimeo, YouTube). 
  • Please reach out to Michelle Arbuckle or your conference planner if you prefer a video upload option.
  • We recommend that you use Zoom or the meeting platform of your choice to record your panel. 
  • Please note, video-recorded sessions are not captioned by the virtual conference provider, so if you are planning to use this option and wish to discuss options for captioning, please reach out to your Super Conference Planner. 

What is the deadline to send the recording of my session? 

  • The deadline for pre-recorded session submissions will be January 26, 2021. 

What can I do to ensure my presentation records well?

  • Use a headset if possible to reduce background noise and improve audio quality.
  • If you are capturing video, ensure the speaker’s face is well-lit and centred in the screen so that they can be clearly seen. 
  • Mute presenters who are not speaking to reduce background noise.

How can I make my session the most accessible?

  • Choose fonts that are easy to read (ie. Arial, Verdana, Calibri, etc.) and ensure you use minimum 14 pt fonts. 
  • Use a colour contrast checker (like this one from WebAIM) to ensure slides have strong colour contrast. 
  • Use plenty of white space, and consider using images rather than lengthy text to explain context. 
  • Describe images verbally.
  • Supplemental video materials should include captioning whenever possible
  • Avoid animations and motion (ie. Prezi); if your slides include this, inform viewers ahead of time.
  • In a discussion setting, speakers should introduce themselves so that the audience knows who is speaking.
  • Audience questions should be read aloud before they are answered.
  • Be inclusive of all attendees by avoiding jargon, slang, acronyms, and assumed knowledge.
  • Check out accessibility tips from Microsoft:

Should we build dead airtime into the recording for interactive segments/discussion time? 

  • This will be up to you; you can do this throughout, you can leave some time at the end for that, or you can skip it altogether. 
  • You can engage directly with attendees during the presentation itself through the Q&A box when it goes live, so even when you are talking / presenting in the recording you can be engaging and answering questions. 

Will we have access to the chat transcript after the session?

  • Each session will have a discussion and Q&A component. The discussion will be viewable for six months after the session has ended, though individual comments will be removed by administrators if they fail to comply with the event’s Code of Conduct. 
  • A chat transcript will not be sent to presenters; however, the discussion area can be copied and pasted. 

Will sessions be captioned?

  • Sessions that are recorded within the platform will be auto-captioned. 
  • Video-recorded sessions are not captioned by the virtual conference provider, but we encourage you to caption your own sessions if you are able. 
  • If you are planning to use this option and wish to discuss options for captioning, please reach out to your Super Conference Planner. 

How much time can I spend on the recording of each slide?

  • The maximum amount of audio time you can spend on one slide in the audio recording is 20 minutes.