Speaker Resources 

Thank you for submitting a proposal to present your research and projects at the OLA Virtual Super Conference. The Program Committee is delighted to welcome you to the conference. Please bookmark this page and check back frequently for speaker updates, deadline reminders, and more.

We aim to keep you informed and supported to ensure the best speaking experience possible. If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please contact superconference@accessola.com

Key Actions & Deadlines


  • NOW: Registration is open until January 28, 2022. Please select the Speaker ticket option to receive the reduced registration rate of $50.


  • Speaker Orientation  – Watch the recording here 
  • 27 JAN: Final Presentation Slides and Audio Upload deadline – This deadline is for pre-recorded presentations that are using the Speaker Portal to upload slides and record audio. 
  • 27 JAN: Final Video Upload deadline – This deadline is for pre-recorded presentations that required video in order to capture their presentation. Speakers choosing this option have recorded their session on their own and are uploading the mp4 file to the Speaker Portal under the “Upload Video” task.

How-To Videos for Presenters

As you prepare to pre-record your presentation for the OLA Virtual Super Conference, check out this series of videos led by OLA Conference Director, Michelle Arbuckle, for step-by-step instructions. The Live Q&A Chat video will familiarize you with the “Chat” and “Discussion” tools for engaging and interacting with your audience.

Recording Options

Preferred Option: Audio Recording

Audio recording within the OLA Speaker Portal is an EASY way to pre-record your presentation on your own schedule. These portals are available 24/7 for your convenience. Simply click through your presenter tasks and follow the instructions provided. Each presenter will pre-record a narration of their own slides.

To get started, we recommend watching the step-by-step tutorial (above) to become familiar with the recording process. You may also wish to download the PDF of instructions for convenient reference.

NOTE: If your presentation includes any of the following, you may prefer to video capture your presentation using one of the alternate options below.

  • A panel of speakers
  • Videos within your presentation
  • Interaction between presenters

Alternate Option: Video Capture with Screen Share

If your presentation has panel participation or requires all presenters to interact with each other for the presentation, you may coordinate with your co-presenters to video capture your presentation using Zoom or a similar program and then upload your mp4 file to the OLA Speaker Portal.



If you are not sure which recording option is best for your presentation or have concerns about how certain aspects of your presentation will convert to a virtual format, please email Michelle. Please bookmark the following webpages for handy future reference and add superconference@accessola.com to your contacts/safe senders list.

  • This page for presentation requirements, deadlines, and updates
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • superconference@accessola.com for answers and assistance

Audience Engagement

Live Q&A Chat

This engagement tool gives attendees the opportunity to type questions into the Q&A Chat Box throughout the conference and for you to type responses from your Speaker Portal.

You and/or your co-presenter(s) will be responsible for being available and engaged during, and 20 minutes following, the time of your scheduled session to answer attendee questions. If your schedule allows, we also ask that you return to the Speaker Portal at the conclusion of the conference to respond to any additional questions that may have been submitted. The Attendee Q&A will appear to attendees in the OLA Virtual Conference platform through August 2022. You are not expected to answer questions after the conference concludes.

If you are not able to participate live during the conference please alert OLA staff and we will notify your audience.

Best Practice Recording Tips

  1. Chrome is the preferred browser for this recording.
  2. Stand if possible while recording to stay alert and energized.
  3. Be focused on the delivery and not the technology. Practice and get familiar with the technology and your recording equipment.
  4. Offer reminders to your attendees to participate in the discussion or Q&A.
  5. Encourage your attendees to complete a session evaluation to give you useful feedback on your topic and presentation.
  6. Review all OLA training or platform tutorials available to you in advance.


  1. Avoid using your laptop microphone whenever necessary. Earbuds with a microphone are usually better and there are many affordable external microphones.
  2. Don’t turn your head away from the screen when recording your audio – the audio sounds best when you talk speaking directly to the screen.
  3. We suggest wearing earbuds or external headphones to avoid your computer audio creating a ‘bounce back’ effect on your audio recording.
  4. Use humour, inflection, and intonation in your presentation. Avoid simply reading from your script.
  5. Get close to the microphone. The further away, the more the ‘chamber echo’ effect will kick in.
  6. Playback the audio to ensure the equipment you are using is of good quality.


  1. Use a small, carpeted room with low ceilings. Avoid a room with a lot of hard surfaces or larger rooms.
  2. If recording at home, try to use internal rooms to avoid public noise (sirens, birds, wind chimes, construction or other bleed-thru audio disturbances). Basements are ideal if they are carpeted.
  3. Try to restrict colleagues or family activity (televisions, doors slamming etc.) Let them know the importance of your audio environment for the time you are rehearsing and conducting your final recording.
  4. Avoid clutter in and around you. Go for the minimalist effect. This will help your focus, feel secure in your delivery, and will avoid audience distraction.


  1. One person in the presentation group should control all slides to avoid recording any awkward transitions between presenters pulling up new slides into the presentation. Often, the first speaker advances the slides for all and quietly moves them along. It might occasionally be necessary for the speaker to say, “next slide please” and that’s fine.
  2. At the beginning, everyone can turn on their cameras for introductions, then when the first speaker begins, the others can turn off their cameras to avoid causing distraction. Then the next person presents their slides. It will all be recorded like a webinar with the slides up front and center taking up most of the screen.
  3. If you are using two screens, be sure to face your microphone directly when you speak. Otherwise, your voice may sound muffled instead of crisp.
  4. OLA does not provide any editing features or abilities to splice takes. So, aim for one run-through without interruptions.

Promote Your Session

No one knows your presentation better than you. That is why OLA has developed a wide variety of promotional tools to help you inform and invite the professionals who will benefit most by attending.

Check out the OLA Marketing Toolbox and take your pick of graphics, logos, webpage links, and banner ads. use them to effectively promote your session at your own institution, to students and mentees, and like-minded colleagues through your professional listservs, email communications, social media and slides. Take your pick!

Speaker Toolbox available here.