Why Should You Attend the Super Conference?

On the fence about attending Super Conference? Here are some of the reasons why our amazing attendees come to Conference:

  1. To build their networks and make new connections, partnerships, friendships and relationships with the library world
  2. To feel like they are part of a larger context and investing in the profession – especially those who may be isolated in their daily work environment
  3. For energy, diversity, inspiration, new ideas, and challenges to thinking and doing
  4. To further their career and job seeking skills and to build opportunities for their career
  5. To make connections with vendors at the EXPO (the only way to do so!)
  6. To make a direct impact on their work, with new ideas for programming, changes in workflows, and changes for their communities
  7. To stay on top of trends in the sector and the impact on systemic issues

Don’t take our word for it. Here is what past attendees have said about the conference:

“OLASC also has the opportunity to influence you to do things that you didn’t think was possible.”

“Super Conference makes me think outside the box. I always get ideas on how to improve our services even on a small budget. I find it always leaves me feeling motivated and inspired.”

“Attending the OLA Super Conference is an opportunity to expand my horizons, understand the larger picture and challenges that librarians are addressing, and focus on developing knowledge and skills in different areas. As a new librarian this opportunity allows me to engage with my fellow librarians at a fun, educational and exciting event.”

“It’s an intensive experience that I would not otherwise be able to experience. Being a remote, single-library staff campus it offers me chances to collaborate with peers and I get to see and hear of alternative ways of service delivery that I am normally isolated from.”

“I really enjoy being surrounded by others in my profession and position. It can be an isolating struggle in a rural library, and it is very encouraging to see what other libraries are doing in terms of services or programs as well as how they are handling issues. I am frequently inspired by the sessions and gain some practical tips and ideas that I apply to create new programs or partnerships.”

“I feel that getting the opportunity to learn from TLs in other school boards is the most significant learning piece for me. Whenever I leave Super Conference, I walk away with things that I can immediately implement in my LLC…I love that I have built a network of TLs to learn from/with that I can rely on. This has directly been a result of my Super Conference attendance.”

“Early career advice. As someone new to the profession having the opportunity to hear from others who are also new to the field is not only enlightening, but also inspiring. Opportunities for professional development early in your career can be sparse so OLASC is the perfect opportunity for this.”

“Being with the college system but outside of Toronto – there wouldn’t be the excellent partnerships or friendships that exist between us and other colleges without the Super Conference. Teleconferencing is all right I suppose but chatting over coffee is better!”

“It opens the door to what other systems and librarians are doing to make libraries such amazing places for everyone. It is inspiring and great to know that I am in a profession with such dynamic people.”