OLA is taking the steps needed to help ensure your safety at the conference this year. The details are outlined in the plan below, but here are some key points:  

  • Attendees are strongly encouraged to mask at the conference, rapid test before attending, and stay home if they are experiencing symptoms. Registration transfers will be provided to mitigate concern about the financial implications of canceling.  
  • There will be a colour coded button system at registration to make it easier for everyone to communicate and consent about physical touching and boundaries (handshake, hugs, etc.) 

OLA is committed to ensuring the health and safety of everyone in attendance at the OLA Super Conference 2023, some of whom may be immunocompromised or vulnerable to COVID-19. In order to keep attendees, speakers, exhibitors and staff safe at the event, we have developed COVID-19 policies for staff and guests. Taking precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 helps us protect and care for one another.  



We recognize that masks are no longer mandatory in public spaces in Ontario. However, we strongly recommend masks be worn by all attendees in the OLA Super Conference space, to prevent the spread of infections. COVID-19. No harassment of those wearing masks will be tolerated.  


Screening, symptoms and refunds  

OLA strongly encourages all attendees to take a rapid test immediately prior to attending the OLA Super Conference. All attendees are also encouraged to pre-screen for symptoms each morning.  

Please do not attend OLA Super Conference if you have symptoms of COVID-19 and are testing positive for COVID-19.  

If an attendee tests positive within five (5) days prior to the OLA Super Conference, or is experiencing symptoms at the time of the conference, we would be happy to transfer registration to someone else, or transfer your registration for the 2024 conference. Please contact superconference@accessola.com  Please review our registration information page for more details on changes, cancellations and refunds. 

If an attendee shows symptoms and/or test positive for COVID after the event, please let us know at superconference@accessola.com  


Risk and other considerations  

While these plans are in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at the conference, we recognize that the risk of infection cannot be completely eliminated. Everyone who attends OLA Super Conference does so at their own risk.  

OLA Super Conference will not be a socially distanced event and it is likely there will be crowded environments. However, we encourage attendees to respect each individual’s space and socially distance when possible.  

As for air quality, the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (MTCC) updated their HVAC systems during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to improve ventilation. The MTCC has above standard ventilation and air exchange systems in place, including MERV filtration.  


This plan may be updated 

OLA will monitor public health guidelines in the lead up to the event and communicate any changes to the event and/or COVID-19 policy to attendees prior to the conference.  

Please direct any questions or concerns about these policies to info@accessola.com