Show Management – The Ontario Library Association (OLA) and its authorized representatives are hereinafter referred to as “Show Management.”

Payments & Refunds – Full payment for the booth must be made no later three weeks after the Super EXPO 2021 Virtual Booth selection order is submitted. The OLA will hold exhibitor space for up to three weeks while a company arranges for a cheque. OLA is not responsible for notifying a company that is beyond the three week period. After the three week period any limited-quantity items that have been ordered may be released for other interested exhibitors including advertising, and on-demand sessions.

Cancellations made on or to prior January 7 will receive a refund of payments made, less a 50% cancellation fee. the company will forfeit the entire amount of the deposit. After January 7 there are no refunds for exhibitors.

In case the EXPO shall not be held for any reason whatsoever, then and there upon the rental and lease of space to the exhibitor shall end. In such case the limit claim for damage and/or compensation by the exhibitor shall be the return of the amount already paid to exhibit for this specific event.

Space Rental – The application for exhibit space, when signed by the exhibiting firm and/or deposit cheque cashed, or credit card processed, by Show Management, shall constitute a valid contract between the parties. In submitting the space contract the firm acknowledges their financial responsibility whether they choose to withdraw or cancel their space.

Sold By Prospectus – All exhibiting companies regardless of size or special arrangements with management must complete an Exhibitor Registration Form. All spaces are sold by prospectus.

Use of Space Restrictions – The space contracted for is to be used solely by the exhibitor whose name appears on the application, as agreed to by both parties, and only products and/or services of the exhibitor may be exhibited. Any promotion of other products or services is strictly prohibited.

No exhibit shall assign, sublet, or share the space allocated with another business or firm unless approval has been obtained in writing from Show Management.

Set-Up & Exhibit Hours – Dates and activities to be completed to set-up the virtual booth space will be included in the Online Exhibitor Kit including explanations and online support.

Official Exhibitors Kit – The 2021 Exhibitor Kit will be available online. The Exhibitor’s Kit describes the type and arrangement of exhibit space and the standard equipment provided by Show Management. In the Kit are all the necessary forms for Show contractors and other rules and regulations. All booth space and activity must be arranged in accordance with those outlined in the Kit. If in the sole opinion of Show Management, any exhibit fails to conform to the Exhibitor’s Kit guidelines, or the provisions set forth herein, such exhibit will be prohibited from display at any time during the exposition.

OLA will send a link for online access to the Exhibitor’s Kit to each company registered with a deposit made by November 1. However, if a link has not been received by December 1 it is the responsibility of the company to contact OLA.

Entry to the Show – Show Management reserves the right to deny admission access to any visitor, exhibitor, or exhibitor’s employee.

Exhibitor Access – Registered Exhibitors will receive an administrative account for setting up the Virtual Booth. They will be able to upload and edit content and access the Lead Retrieval information. This account will be valid until August 2021.

The administrative account will be able to set up and provide access for the Sales Representatives for the booth and to set up Virtual Chat access.

Exhibitors will not have access to the education content of the 2021 Super Conference unless they purchase an exhibitor package (packages A, B, or C) or individual registrations for their staff at a discounted rate of $140 per a staff member.

Any Exhibitor hosting an On-Demand session through the conference platform software will have access for the speaker to attend the session during the scheduled time to participate in a live Q&A with session attendees.

Exhibitor Hosted Sessions – Exhibitors are encouraged to set up live product demonstations or webinars about their services during the 2021 Super Conference. Dates and times of the events will be collected and promoted to attendees.

Exhibitors can use their preferred registration and webinar software for the event. For those exhibitors who have the Video Chat feature it will support up to 20 people in the presentation and will be available for the entire duration of the conference, including outside of the EXPO hours.

Author Events – Exhibitors are encouraged to arrange author chats and events during the 2021 Super Conference. Dates and times of the author events will be collected and promoted to attendees.

Exhibitors can use their preferred registration and webinar software for the event. For those exhibitors who have the Video Chat feature it will support up to 20 people in the presentation and will be available for the entire duration of the conference, including outside of the EXPO hours.

Promotions & Giveaways – Exhibitors may choose to participate in the giveaway program at the Super EXPO 2021virtual event. Participating exhibitors will have a small Super Swag graphic added to their Virtual Booth and be listed on a separate webpage. Exhibitors will be responsible for collecting any required information and for distributing the item to the recipient including any shipping or postage costs.

Membership Status – Rates paid for exhibit space are based on the membership status of the company at the time of the actual event. It is the exhibiting company’s responsibility to either pay non-member rates or to have a current Associate Membership in the Ontario Library Association at the time of the event. Show Management reserves the right to withhold a firm’s ability to set-up if their membership status changes between time of payment and the event.

Not-for-Profit – The OLA reserves the right to limit the number of spaces in any category. Any company qualifying as a charity and can issue receipts can submit a request for a Not-For-Profit rate.

Selling at the EXPO – The OLA strongly supports and encourages vendors to sell on the floor of the Super Conference EXPO. Show Management encourages exhibitors to inform them of any special deals they plan to offer and they will be promoted in the on-site EXPO Directory at no additional expense.

Other Regulations – Any and all other matters not specifically covered by the preceding General Rules and Regulations shall be subject solely to the decision of Show Management. The Show Management shall have full power to interpret, amend and enforce these rules and regulations provided, and amendments, when made, are brought to the notice of exhibitors. Each Exhibitor, for themselves, and their employees, agrees to abide by the foregoing Rules and Regulations and by any Amendments or additions thereto in conformance with the preceding sentence.

Space Selection/Allocation – This policy will not apply for virtual events. OLA will reinstate the policy for the 2022 in-person event by guaranteeing 2020 space in 2022 if member companies participate in the 2021 virtual Super EXPO with a package B or C level booth and they register by August 31, 2021 (or date set in the Space Allocation policy for the 2022 conference).

In an effort to provide all member companies with an equal opportunity at EXPO space, the OLA is continuing its space allocation policy. Member companies that occupied space in 2020 have first right of refusal to the same space in 2022. Some exceptions apply.

  • OLA Associate Members – request due by August 31. Companies will be notified of their space within 15 days of the end of the preferred period.
  • The remaining groups are eligible to book or will be assigned their space after September 7.
  • Associate Members who missed the deadlines.
  • Non-member companies who exhibited in 2020.
  • General sales – the OLA has a database of companies who have expressed an interest in receiving EXPO materials.

The OLA reserves the right to make the final determination on all booth allocations. Members have the right to “upgrade” their 2020 space to that of a non-member provided they apply before the August 31 deadline. This is on a first request basis.

All space is subject to the Rules & Regulations in the Prospectus and in the Exhibitor Kit.