It has been six months since OLA Super Conference 2020, and our entire world has changed in that time. Six months ago, we were hugging in hallways, sharing microphones, eating from buffets, and scream-singing along to Choir! Choir! Choir! before heading off to our taxis, trains, and planes home. 

Our dedicated OLA Super Conference Team has been working hard on reviewing hundreds of session proposals and developing another stellar program, grounded in our theme of Clever Minds & Human Hearts (two things that are especially important these days).

Super Conference 2021 isn’t going to look the same as Super Conference 2020, but it is going to be firmly situated in this new world we are living in. Super Conference 2021 is going to give us the space to do what we have always done, and what we need to do more of in times like these: share, dream, spring forward, solve problems, and imagine new futures.

OLA will have more to share about the ways that Super Conference 2021 will look and feel over the coming months, with a more concrete announcement coming in the fall. The conference is nothing without our attendees, presenters, exhibitors, and volunteers – so we hope that you have marked your calendars and plan to join us during the last week of January to make some Super Conference history.